High intensity


Yahiro Kazama



Examples of low intensity:

Baseball teams in Japanese high school


Okazaki, Kagawa, Muto, Honda... They were not chosen.

It’s a test of mental toughness.

Ordinary people cannot overcome. 

There are no even-increasing career

Shinji Kagawa: Fail in Manchester United mainly due to retirement of Alex.

Keisuke Honda: Fail in AC Milan mainly due to not matching his skills.

Shunsuke Nakamura: Fail in Espanyol mainly due to play speed in LaLiga.

Hidetoshi Nakata: Fail after Roma mainly due to manager's strategy.


PDCA cycle requires very tough mentality

When you take PDCA cycle into your life, you need to confront your real life.

R&O as of 10-Sep-2017


Attacks from North Korea.

Key member's resignations from Trump goverment.

ECB's speed of increasing interest rate.

Finance Career

General Accounting






Internal Control

Cost Accounting









So what?

When I read Yahoo! News or something, I should think so what affects me directly or indirectly. Most of the news does not and will not affect me. That's why I do not read them.