Resilience of Abe, Aso and so on

Executives have resilience against very difficult situations.

Soccer Japan Representative

What are the reasons the manager did not choose Inui, Okazaki, Muto?

Assumption: 風邪やインフルエンザで外に出ている人たちがいる

マスクをする 手洗いうがいをする 可能な限り外出しない 街中にも、電車にも、会社にも病人なのに無理して出てくる人で溢れている その前提で対策しないといけない。


算盤 Fax ワープロ 切符切り 家内制手工業 経理作業 自動車運転

Government alerted snow, but many ignored

In Tokyo area today, it has heavy snow. Japanese government announced yeasterday that it would heavily snow. However, many companies did not urge the employees to return to home earlier. As a result, substantial workers had difficulty in g…

Ichiro’s Future

Continuation to play -MLB -NPB -Others Retirement


結局はいくつかの事業をスピンオフする方向にいくようだ。コングロマリット経営は難しい。 GEデジタルを核として、航空エンジンや電力などの部門に独自のIoT技術を導入することがGE内のシナジーとして主張されている。しかし、別に内部のデジタル技術にこだ…

Frequently take a memo

Observe carefully and find out key elements. Take a memo as well as Toshifumi Ito, Shunsuke Nakamura, Jose, Louis and so on.

Family First


High intensity

Mourihyo Yahiro Kazama Examples of low intensity: Baseball teams in Japanese high school

Okazaki, Kagawa, Muto, Honda... They were not chosen.

It’s a test of mental toughness. Ordinary people cannot overcome.

There are no even-increasing career

Shinji Kagawa: Fail in Manchester United mainly due to retirement of Alex. Keisuke Honda: Fail in AC Milan mainly due to not matching his skills. Shunsuke Nakamura: Fail in Espanyol mainly due to play speed in LaLiga. Hidetoshi Nakata: Fai…

PDCA cycle requires very tough mentality

When you take PDCA cycle into your life, you need to confront your real life.

R&O as of 10-Sep-2017

Risks: Attacks from North Korea. Key member's resignations from Trump goverment. ECB's speed of increasing interest rate.

Finance Career

General Accounting -GL -AR -AP Tax Treasury Internal Control Cost Accounting FP&A -Revenue -COGS -SG&A -R&D -Others

So what?

When I read Yahoo! News or something, I should think so what affects me directly or indirectly. Most of the news does not and will not affect me. That's why I do not read them.

CV and Job Interviews

You should challenge stretch target in job change as well as other life events. If so, you can get an attractive job. However, you would be better to think that your CV and job interviews may be accepted after 20 fails and more. It is natu…

Common experiences between Kenichi Omae and Koichi Hori

They worked at local area in Japan as first career. It is very important to get communication skill with non-elite people. The most important skill in management or strategic consulting is to get information directly from consumers, sales …

There are no meaning in my life

I should set goal, ambition or something by myself. Someone do not give me them.